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Property Rights Action Alert

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From Dan Peterson, Coalition for Property Rights::

Dear Patriots,

First, I hope your Christmas was filled with the joy of celebrating the Advent and sharing it with family. Second, best wishes for an exciting New Year! Third, the voter approval of Amendment 1 was not the last word! The debate now switches to HOW those funds will be spent. Environmentalist like Bob Graham want to bond the money and buy as much land as possible immediately.  Use this link for his one minute quote regarding this:

Although the money for a potential land grab has been approved by the voters, the 2015 Legislature will determine how those funds will be used. We can still stop the land grab by uniting our voices.

We, as Conservatives, must stand and say “NO” to an unlimited shopping spree for land.   But, we must also offer another perspective for the spending of those monies…remember, we’re talking about $500M-600M each year for 20 years!

Would you like to have a say in how those funds should be spent?  If so, read on carefully.

CPR has produced a policy brief called, “Priorities & Principles.”

We have already shared it with a couple of trusted legislators who found it quite positive.  We plan to share it with the Florida Cabinet and Florida Legislators.

But, it will be much more powerful if we unite our voices.  Don’t you think “Priorities & Principles” will get much more attention from elected officials if we can say, “Thousands of Floridians agree with this!”???

Here’s what you can do to express a united perspective:

1. Read “Priorities & Principles” for yourself.  Bear Witness Central put out an email with the Priorities & Principles.  Go to:  and scroll down to read them!

2.  If you agree, send a reply email back to and please include:

  • Your name
  • The County in which you live
  • The statement, “I support CPR’s “Priorities & Principles.”
  • Husbands and wives should send separate emails.

PLEASE NOTE: CPR does not and will not give your email address or any information to anyone, including legislators.  We simply want to honestly say how many people have joined to call for good public policy regarding the allocation of Amendment One funds.

3. Finally, please forward this email to as many people as you can asking them to do the same.

If we can gather 100, 250, 500 or more emails from each county in Florida, we can show we are a united voice for good public policy.  Our united voice will give encourage and “political cover” to legislators when facing extreme environmentalist positions.

Will you please help?

The first discussions will occur in the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee meeting in Tallahassee on January 7.

Go To:  Senate Hearing

We need to show massive support to legislative leaders before this meeting.  Every single voice is important so please take action and send back your reply today!!!

Thank you for your support.  I hope to visit you soon to explain more about CPR’s future strategic plans for promoting and protecting private property rights.

RPOF Plotting to get rid of Tea Party members in local REC’s?

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Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) are quietly plotting to get rid of conservative and tea-party-identified members in county Republican parties.

Posted on January 1, 2015 by John Beck
Comment by John Beck: Please make sure you read the portion of the article below entitled “Meanwhile Back In Florida”. As a member of the Alachua County REC, I can confirm that under Stafford Jone’s leadership, many Tea Party and conservative Christians have been prevented from becoming members of the REC.

Read more at:

Call Congress Today to Stop Executive Amnesty

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From Tea Party Patriots:
We need you to Call Congress today to tell them NO Funding for Executive Amnesty!

The House Republican Conference is meeting on Tuesday morning (December 2nd) to discuss their plans for the next two weeks. Funding for the government under the current Continuing Resolution runs out on Tuesday, December 11th at midnight and the Republicans seem poised to prevent another government shut down.

If that is the case, then we must put pressure on them to stop the President’s executive amnesty. The only way we can do this is to force the House not to fund the President’s executive action.

Call Congress today and tell them NO Funding For Executive Amnesty!

Go to for more information.  Download the “Defund Amnesty toolkit”.

Phone numbers, email and mailing addresses for our congressmen are listed in this newsletter.

Free Trade Agreements – Good For America?

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Are you familiar with the so-called Free Trade Agreements that the U.S. has been approving, especially since the 1990’s? If so, have the promises of prosperity and jobs for Americans come true? After NAFTA went into effect in 1994, one million American jobs were lost in manufacturing! Other trade agreements have followed with more and more job losses. Go visit the areas in our country that used to be booming manufacturing cities with all the affiliated businesses and see what they look like today!

There are several Trade Agreements that could be voted on by the lame duck Congress in the next month. Contact your Senators and Representative and tell them “do not vote for these Trade Agreements”! For more information on this, go to “Choose Freedom-STOP FREE TRADE AGENDA” action page on


Posted by NCF912Project

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a “rule change”, which, if implemented will make drastic changes in the way that Florida electric companies are able to furnish electricity to their consumers.

If you are a member of an electric co-op in this area, you receive your electricity through Seminole Electric.  The local co-ops strive to provide affordable, reliable electricity to their members.  75% of your bill is fuel costs.  In response to another government rule in 1978 Seminole Electric spent $530 million to build a state of the art coal plant (that government rule restricted power plants from using oil or natural gas); Seminole’s coal fired plant came on line in 1984, the Act was repealed in 1987.  Six years ago Seminole made $230 million in improvements to this power plant.  It is now one of the top six cleanest coal plants in the world.  Now, if this proposed “Clean Power Plan” is finalized, all this money will be down the drain and Seminole Electric will have to build or purchase new power generation to replace the electricity produced from its coal fired power plant.  This will cause major increases in our electric bills.  This could be the same scenario for other Florida utilities that own and operate coal fired power plants.

If you are concerned about this and are a co-op member go to and send in your comments to the EPA.  If you are not a co-op member and still want to comment, go to  Postcards are available in the Co-op offices for members.  The comment period ends on December 1st.   At the end of this bewsketter I am going to list the contact information for our U.S. representative and Senators.  Please contact them as well and let them know what you think about this over-reach by a government agency!

What Is Next for The North Central Florida Tea Party?

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We had two men take their time last week to come to our tea party meeting and speak on topics that will affect us, our children and grandchildren in the near future if we don’t get the word out.  Both men, for different reasons should have been home with their families.  We really appreciate them taking their time to come out.  I will address what they each spoke about, and what we can do about it, in a separate article.  We  did not have a good turnout and it is always disappointing when we work so hard to get the speakers, set up the meeting, etc. and then have such a few people appear to be interested enough to spend a few hours learning about something that they can then pass on to other people!

We know that everyone cannot come out each time.  We have a huge email list and when over 150 people open an email newsletter and then we get the information out in the local newspapers, radio, etc., it is disheartening to say the least when we only have about 30 people come out.  Don’t get me wrong: I very much appreciate everyone who comes out – many are doing many other things to help get the message out to others, and that is great too.

If you listen to the news networks you know that the tea party and other like-minded groups are making a difference. We are usually mentioned in the context of standing in the way of something they want to do.  We stand for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and most important, the preservation of our inalienable rights!   Don’t you think we should be standing in the way of anyone who doesn’t want to follow those principles?  We can continue to have this influence and even grow it…but we have to show that we have strong local groups who are ready to speak out on the issues that are affecting us.

If you are already a member of a tea party group, make a special effort to attend the meetings and make phone calls, etc. on the issues when you are asked to do so.  Remember that just because the Republicans now control the Senate, we CANNOT go back to sleep and expect that they will do the right thing!  All of our elected representatives need to hear from us on a regular basis so they know what we expect them to do!

If you have any ideas/suggestions for our group, please email us at  Be prepared to help out with whatever you suggest!
Second request for input into having a Christmas Party/Planning Session on Thursday, December 11th.  We would furnish the coffee/tea, etc. and everyone can bring a dessert or other snack.  We can even plan on a pot-luck if there is enough interest but we need to know quickly.  Please email the info@ address or call Sharon at 386-935-0821 to let us know if you are interested and can attend.

The Common Core Issue Heating Up?

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The Lee County School Board very courageously opted out of Standardized testing at its regularly scheduled meeting last week and then, evidently due to tremendous pressure, held a special meeting on Tuesday, September 2nd and rescinded their decision.

Anyone who has children or grandchildren in the school system knows that testing has gotten way out of hand.  Standardized testing has been put into place due to the different “educational initiatives” that have been implemented by each of our Presidents, particularly beginning with Jimmy Carter.  Remember Bush 1’s America 2000, Clinton’s Goals 2000, Bush 2’s No Child Left Behind, and now Obama’s Common Core?  Are our children better off?  Every program spends more money, takes away more local control, and the children seem to sink lower in comparison to other countries.  Is it no wonder that many of us are more and more concerned about this issue?

Can you help with this issue?  Can you attend your School Board meetings?  The Lake City Reporter wrote a story this week about us asking our local school boards to opt out of the standardized testing.  This was followed by editorials the next day.  Can you write a letter to the editor and give your input?  This is a great time to get more information out to people who many not be familiar with this issue.

The Tea Party Network Conference will focus on this issue with guest speakers like Dr. Duke Pesta.  If you are not familiar with his work, go to:  Saturday afternoon will feature a Common Core Forum,  “How to Repeal Common Core”.  This will feature Dr. Pesta, Dr. Karen Effrem, State Respresentative Debbie Mayfield, among others.

Lee County Makes History – Opts out of standardized testing!

Posted by NCF912Project

Lee Schools made history Wednesday night when they voted to become the first school district in the state to opt out of all statewide, standardized tests. read more here at

Action Alert – Common Core – Lee County Florida

Posted by NCF912Project

Please help Lee County stand against the jackbooted thuggery of the state & federal governments!

Because of the long list of threatened consequences, many of which are not constitutional and some of which are inaccurate, for opting out, board member Mary Fischer, who was the most undecided in the vote to opt out of state testing has called a meeting for Tuesday 9/2 at 8:30 AM when it will be very difficult for teachers and the public to attend to offer a motion to rescind the courageous and historic vote of 8/27.

Although there is still some question on whether the meeting will happen or at that time, it is CRITICAL that you email the board members and thank the three that voted yes and tell all of them how important it is to stand to protect our children from the invasive, unhelpful, unconstitutional, and expensive state and federal testing mandates.  Read more and find the email addresses at:  HELP LEE COUNTY STAND FIRM

Please take a few minutes today to email the school board members and ask them to stay strong on this issue.  We will be working on our local school boards as well – look for more information shortly on how you can help with this!  To read more about what Lee County has accomplished so far, see the next article.

Not Interested in Politics?

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Karena Bowers Morrison wrote this.  It is in this edition of the American Patriot News but I wanted to include it in this newsletter.  Please share it with someone who thinks there is nothing they can do!

For my friends who ‘don’t *do* politics’… please reconsider your choice. It doesn’t take much to get involved. Really. You don’t need to take it to the level that I have committed to, that is something that I’d never expect of anyone but myself. It’s my choice.

However, here are a few things that you can do and that will make a big difference in how your family is represented by our elected officials.

  1. Educate yourself about the issues and decide on a few that are very important to your family and your community.
  2. Educate yourself about all of the candidate’s views on those issues and decide who best represents those views. This can be done easily by attending candidate forums. In person forums are better representative of the candidates’ views and how they personally interact with their community *before* they are elected.
  3. Reach out to those candidates who are asking for either a few hours of your time or a few dollars of your family budget and see what their needs are in their campaign.
  4. Decide how much time or money that your family is able to afford to donate to what is needed to help spread the message of the candidate(s) who will represent your issues the best while they are serving in elected office.
  5. Contact the campaign(s) and offer your assistance. Much of what is needed by a campaign can be fun, and you will also have the opportunity to be inspired by helping your neighbors learn more about the candidate(s) who have inspired you to get involved.

This may sound like too much work or you may not recognize that the few dollars or few hours that you are able to spare will make a difference in a campaign. Understand that your family’s few hours or few dollars combined with many others is *MUCH* more powerful than the corporate special interests who all too often bankroll crony candidates for the sole purpose of retaining the power over you and your family’s lives. Freedom comes with a cost. Please stand with the candidates who have chosen to sacrifice so much of their own family time and spare funds to take a stand with you and your community. Understand that shared sacrifice now (in time or treasure) will be paid back many fold… but it can’t happen until we all stand united, become no longer silent and speak with our volunteer time or our spare change.

Many thanks to Karena for letting me share this!

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