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The North Central Florida Tea Party
Our Mission


The North Central Florida Tea Party is a body of citizens dedicated to preserving the Constitution Of The United States of America and the principles and values on which it was founded through education, participation and activism.

Our Vision


It is our vision that We The People peacefully accomplish the swift return of our country to the path set for us by the Founding Fathers.

Value Statement


With the wisdom and guidance of our Creator, the North Central Florida Tea Party and its members will actively and peacefully join together as a united voice to safeguard the principles and values of the Constitution of the United States of America. As Members we will protect and maintain a distinction between the Group and all other organizations . We will engage in respectful debate amongst ourselves during all meetings of the Group.

Focal Points


Recruit - as our group grows, we can accomplish more. We can raise awareness of our group through committees that participate in some of the following activities:

  • Getting the voting rolls from the county and
     identifying potential members;
  • Visiting schools, doctors offices, churches, stores,
    community events, and others;
  • Calling in to local radio shows;
  • Spreading flyers; and
  • Promoting local Tea Party events

Educate - there is too much for each person to read and know individually. We can make the best use of our growing numbers through committees that participate in some of the following teaching and learning activities:

  • Reading books and writing summary reports to share with other members of the group;
  • Learning about the Constitution and writings of the Founding Fathers and sharing with other members in the group;
  • Planing and participating in book club meetings, workshops and seminars;
  • Finding speakers and presentations to bring to our monthly meetings;
  • Reading bills and preparing talking points for other members of the group to use when contacting representatives and recruiting new members; and
  • Researching local and national news and summarizing for the group through creating blog posts and newsletters

Act - as we learn more and use knowledge as power, we will be more effective as a group. We can get involved in local and national issues through committees that participate in some of the following activities:

  • Calling, writing, faxing, and visiting Senate and House representatives;
  • Planning and attending Tea Party and other freedom events;
  • Planning and participating in events to honor soldiers, police, and others who serve our community and country; and
  • Attending school board meetings, city council meetings, county commission meetings, town hall meetings, and representing the local Tea Party