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The following links provide resources and information about the principles and values upon which our country is based.

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General Links


•   The Official 9.12 Project
     the official site for Glenn Beck’s 912 project 

•   The Patrick Henry Caucus
     Support legislators who will enact legislation to reclaim state and
     individual rights

•   Independence Caucus
    A Citizen's movement* to take our government back from the "Big Money"
    Special Interests groups...   

•    National Center for Constitutional Studies
     Purchase 10 or more copies of the 5,000 Year Leap for $5.00 each and pass
     them out to all your friends!

•    Fair Tax
     Information about the fair tax plan

•   Lower Taxes
     To promote greater government efficiency in an effort to improve our
     economy and the quality of life for Floridians.

•   The Constitutional Sources Project
     The Constitutional Sources Project is a great site for anything about the
     Constitution or other writings of the Founding Fathers

•   The CATO Institute
    “The mission of the Cato Institute is to increase the understanding of
     public policies based on the principles of limited government, free
     markets, individual liberty, and peace.”

•   The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
     “The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a
     private, nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research
     and education on issues of government, politics, economics, and social

•   The Heritage Foundation
     “The Heritage Foundation is committed to building an America where
     freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.”

•    Wallbuilders
     “WallBuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America's
     forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious,
     and constitutional foundation on which America was built…”

•   Institute for Energy Research (IER)
     “The Institute for Energy Research (IER) is a not-for-profit organization
     that conducts intensive research and analysis on the functions,
     operations, and government regulation of global energy markets.”



Other Organizations


•    Florida 9.12 Project
     A social network for Florida centered on the 912 project. Currently
     there are only 367 people signed up for Florida… the North Central
     Florida group is on there with only 2 members.

•    Meetup for the 3/13 Glenn Beck Special
     the original Meetup group for the 3/13 Glenn Beck special

•    Liberty Councel
     A nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to
    advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the
    traditional family.

•    American Solutions
     Provide real, significant solutions to the most important issues facing
     our country.

•    Campaign for Liberty



News & Commentary


•    Uncle Jay Explains the News
     Helps people understand big news

•    North Florida Now
     North Florida Florida news

•    SayfieReview
      Florida news

•    The FOX Nation
     The Fox Nation was created for people who believe in the United States of
     America and its ideals, as expressed in the Constitution, the Declaration of
     Independence, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

•    Drudge Report
     The Drudge Report has a lot of news that the mainstream media does not


•    TownHall
     Conservative News, Issues, Political Cartoons, Blogs, Talk Radio, Commentary
     from Townhall Conservatives

•    Glenn Beck

•    Rush Limbaugh



9.12 Projects across America

•    National 9.12 Project on Meetup

•    Official 9.12 Project Website

•    The 9.12 Project - Florida Chapter

•    We Surround Them - Florida





•    MRC Free Speech Alliance
Protect free speech

•    9.12 Petitions
     Sign the Petition for Redress of Grievances

•    Focus Petitions

•    Our Florida Energy
     Contact your legislators to tell them you don’t want to pay more for energy

•    NumberUSA
     Sign up to send faxes and emails to your representatives on all issues
     related to immigration



Voting Resources


•    Wall Builders

•    FRC Action

•    NumbersUSA

•    My Florida



More Links

•    Let Freedom Ring- Pledge to Read

•    Freedom Works

•    Conservatives for Patient's Rights

•    American Liberty Alliance

•    Healthcare Horserace

•    Patients First

•    Americans for Prosperity

•    David All Group

•    Association of American Physicians & Surgeons